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Fortune CP provides innovative renewable energy products and services in Malawi. These include solar components (solar panels, inverters, batteries), off-grid and grid-tie solar systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications, battery energy storage systems, energy efficient LED lighting systems, solar water heating products, solar water pumping systems, mini grids and more.

Our scope includes:

  1. Engineering design, manufacture, supply, and delivery
  2. Installation, testing, commissioning, and training
  3. Large scale project development – Feasibility, Environmental Impact Assessment, Grid Impact Study, Power Purchase Agreement, Finance, EPC, Operation and Maintenance
  4. Solar Lease to Own

Some of our projects include:

  1. 50MW solar power plant – development, finance, EPC
  2. 40MW solar power plant – engineering
  3. African Development Bank – Solar power for 40 secondary schools + 1.5MWh BESS
  4. Norwegian Church Aid – Solar power systems + 0.9MWh BESS for 8 hospitals
  5. 90KW solar + 290KWh BESS – Christian Aid Malawi
  6. Baylor College Hospital – 40KW Solar hybrid + 240kWh BESS
  7. Solar hybrid and power back-up systems for BTS towers and offices – Malswitch
  8. Local Development Fund – 300 solar power systems for 15 districts
  9. 180KW hybrid + 500kWh BESS Minigrids – 4 Locations
  10. 35 x 1KW solar power systems for University of Malawi
  11. Total Energies – Solar and power back-up for filling stations and offices
  12. Malawi Savings Bank – 200KVA of solar and power back-up systems for offices and ATMs
  13. Kasupe – 26KW solar power plus 60KWh battery storage for mini-grid
  14. 45KW solar irrigation system
  15. Mwaiwathu and Zomba Hospitals – Solar water heating systems for hospital wards and staff houses
  16. Medicines Sans Frontiers – Solar power, water pumping, water heating systems for various districts
  17. Solar power systems for UNDP, European Union, Red Cross, Plan International
  18. Solar power system + 69kWh BESS for Matawale hospital in Zomba
  19. Min of Health Malawi – Solar power systems for clinics and district offices
  20. Solar hybrid and power back-up systems for Radio Maria towers
  21. Phalombe Hospital – Solar hybrid and power back-up system
  22. Solar power and back-up systems for Habitat For Humanity offices
  23. Smile Malawi – Solar power systems for schools
  24. Welcome Trust – Solar power and back-up systems
  25. Solar power and back-up systems for Burco
  26. Solar and wind power systems for university campuses – NCST
  27. Illovo Sugar Corporation – Solar hybrid and back-up systems for offices
  28. Solar power systems for schools, clinics, charging stations and businesses in Chikwawa – Concern Universal
  29. World Vision International – Solar hybrid and back-up systems for various locations
  30. Solar water heating systems for staff houses, cottages at Marist Secondary School
  31. 5KW Solar hybrid and back-up systems for Trinity Hospital
  32. Solar Power System – Masasa School

Our solar systems are used by prominent companies and organisations such as Government (various ministries), Banks, Oil companies, Factories, Telecom companies, Hotels, Farms, UN organisations, Mines, Schools, Hospitals, and others.


We work with partners regards the distribution of our products, installation and maintenance in Malawi. If you would like to become one of our distributors, or you want to cooperate with us on your project, feel free to contact us.

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