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Masasa School in Malawi

Brief Description of Project

The project involves design, supply, installation of solar power system at Masasa School in Dedza District in Malawi. The project is funded by a charity organisation in Germany.

Year: 2024

Detailed Description

The project involves a hybrid system constituting of solar panels, invertors, charge controllers, lithium-ion batteries and accessories to power a school campus. It also included the powering of fridges, air conditioners and all lighting in the hospital premises.

Equipment included:

  • 13KW Solar panels
  • 14KWh lithium-ion batteries
  • 10KW hybrid inverter chargers
  • Remote monitoring equipment
  • Mounting frames
  • Balance of System equipment

Local Partner

We work with partners regards the distribution of our products, installation and maintenance in Malawi. If you would like to become one of our distributors, or you want to cooperate with us on your project, feel free to contact us.

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