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Solar Systems

Solar systems generate electricity for various power applications – residential, commercial and industrial.  Fortune CP designs, manufactures, supplies and installs complete solar systems (kits) all over the world. Customers can buy standard kits up to 5KW or larger custom design systems (over 5KW to MW).  Since 2004 Fortune CP has used latest technology and international standards to provide high quality innovative solar power solutions.

Off-grid solar power systems are used where there is no grid power. Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity for use in appliances (both DC and AC). Batteries are normally added to store energy for use at night or during no-sun days. An off-grid system consists of panels, controller, batteries, inverter and other accessories.

Grid-tie solar power systems generate electricity and send it to the utility company’s power grid. This electricity can be used for self-consumption and/or sold under a Feed-In-Tariff programme. Grid solar systems are a very good investment because of energy savings (less electricity bought from grid), and the generous feed-in-tariffs paid for green power generated. There is also a new drive for energy storage (using batteries) – the concept is to store solar power during the day (off-peak) and use it at night (peak) thus avoiding to pay the utility company’s peak electricity rates.


– Houses
– Commercial and Industrial buildings – rooftop or ground-mounted
– Remote telecom BTS towers
– Solar street lights and traffic signals
– Solar water pumping/Irrigation
– Rural electrification – schools, clinics, villages
– Solar billboards
– Oil and Gas  – cathodic protection, oil pipelines, RTUs, floodlighting, CCTV
– Refrigeration
– IPP (Independent Power Producer) – large scale solar farms, rooftop systems
– Mining

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