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Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Panels

Solar Panels convert light into clean, environmentally friendly, renewable energy. Fortune CP offers solar panels for many alternative energy applications, from residential to commercial/industrial such as utility scale solar farms, remote telecom BTS stations and more. Since 2004 Fortune CP has supplied quality mono and polycrystalline solar panels of high efficiency complete with an outstanding 25-year warranty and relevant international certificates such as IEC, TUV, VDE and UL.

Panels available: Small for off-grid applications (10W to 300W)

Large for both grid and off-grid applications (315W to 700W)

Solar panels are normally combined with inverters, controllers, batteries and other Balance of System (BoS) items to provide either a grid-tie or an off-grid system. For grid-tie systems customers can sell excess energy to a utility company at agreed feed in tariffs.

Other panels we supply are building integrated (BIPV), thin film and flexible types. Solar panels can come in the conventional aluminium colour or black frame or all-black.

Fortune CP 10W Solar Panel

Fortune CP 20W Solar Panel

Fortune CP 80-85W Solar Panels

Fortune CP 130-150W Solar Panels

Fortune CP 300-315W Poly Solar Panels

Fortune CP 305-320W Mono Solar Panels

Fortune CP 325-340W Poly Solar Panels

Fortune CP 385W-405W – all black Solar Panels

Fortune CP 390W-410W Solar Panels

Fortune CP 535W-560W Solar Panels

Fortune CP 655W-675W Solar Panels

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