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Solar Power Systems for Joint Operations

Brief Description of Project

Design, supply, and installation of off-grid solar systems – Replacement of PMP Water Disposal piping to SWD 4,7,8,11,14 at Wafra.

Customer and Location: Chevron Oil and Kuwait Gulf Oil, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Year:  2011

Detailed Description

This project involved the implementation of off-grid solar power systems to power field instruments, control systems and LED floodlighting on pipelines above.

The solar systems provide power to floodlighting around oil wells. Scope of work:

  • Engineering – System Design, Drawings, Factory Acceptance Testing, Site Acceptance Testing
  • Procurement and Delivery
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  • 12 months Maintenance

The systems included monocrystalline solar panels, OPzS batteries, MPPT charge controllers, inverters, mounting frames and accessories. All systems were designed by Fortune CP engineers in United Kingdom in accordance to IEC standards and KOC’s strict regulations.

What made the project a success are factors such as Fortune CP’s experience in implementing solar projects in Middle East, strict adherence to international standards such as IEC, quality products used, and the partnership with a local company KCC Engineering.

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