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Solar Panels for Grid-tie Systems, France

Brief Description of Project

Supply and delivery solar PV modules for the installation of grid-tie systems in Jouars-Pontchartrain France

Location: Jouars-Pontchartrain, France

Year:   2011

Detailed Description

This project involved the supply and delivery of 2.6KW grid-tie solar power systems for various locations. The systems used Fortune CP 175-180W highly efficient polycrystalline solar panels. The systems were rooftop mounted for residential applications. Scope of work:

  • Engineering – Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Manufacture, Supply and Delivery to France
  • Provision of warranty

Benefits include the generation of electricity from renewable energy source so as to reduce carbon emissions, and access to feed-in tariffs by the customers.

Fortune CP has vast experience in implementing EPC solar projects in Europe and worldwide. These include grid-tie (solar farms and rooftop) and off-grid systems for oil companies, telecom companies, government ministries, rural electrification and more. All system designs and material quality adhere to strict to international standards such as IEC, ISO, UL.

If you would like us to implement a project in France, please contact our sales team

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