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Solar Hybrid Systems for Telecom BTS sites, South Africa and Lesotho

Brief Description of Project

Design, supply, project management, and installation of solar hybrid power systems for remote BTS sites for Vodacom

Customer and Location:      Vodacom, South Africa and Lesotho

Year:                                    2009

Detailed Description

This project involved the implementation of hybrid systems (solar power coupled to diesel generators) for telecom BTS sites. Originally the BTS sites were running purely on diesel generators, since they are based in remote areas. This was proving to be too expensive because of fuel cost, frequent service trips and loss of revenue when the site is down. Each of the systems supplied used 22 x 175W highly efficient mono-crystalline solar panels (3.85KWp). Also included were solar batteries, charge controllers, inverters and mounting frames. All systems were designed by Fortune CP engineers in United Kingdom, installation and commissioning of the works on site was done by Fortune CP office in South Africa.

The beneficiaries of the project are the rural inhabitants who rely on mobile phones for communication. As most of the rural communities in Lesotho have no access to electricity, this project will have a lasting impact. Benefits include access to electricity and lighting 24/7 (for the BTS sites), no need to use environment polluting diesel generators, and reduction of operating expenditure for Vodacom.

What made the project a success are factors such as Fortune CP’s experience in implementing solar projects in Africa, strict adherence to international standards such as IEC, quality products used, and the fact that Fortune CP operates an office in South Africa. In Southern Africa, the company is carrying out similar projects in Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola and Zambia.

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