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Solar and Power Back-up Systems for Accra, Ghana

Brief Description of Project

Design, supply and installation of solar and power back-up systems in Accra Ghana

Location: Ghana

Year: 2009

Detailed Description

This project involved the design, supply and installation of grid-tie and off-grid solar banks and telecom companies. Due to electricity black-outs the customers wanted assurance of power 24/7 to protect critical infrastructure. Fortune CP design and supplied grid-tie back-up systems for the banks (solar systems coupled with grid-tie inverter-chargers) and off-grid solar hybrid systems for telecom BTS sites (Vodacom).

Scope of work:

  • Engineering – Design, Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Manufacture and Delivery
  • Installation and commissioning – by local partner REAP Power
  • Provision of warranty

Equipment included solar panels, controllers, inverters, batteries, mounting frames and accessories.

Fortune CP implements solar and energy efficiency projects in the Africa and worldwide for top customers such as oil companies, telecom companies, government ministries and many more.

If you would like us to implement a project in Ghana, please contact our sales team –

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