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Hybrid Systems for Eduarti Co, Albania

Brief Description of Project

Design and supply of off-grid solar/wind hybrid systems in Albania

Customer and Location: Eduarti Co, Albania

Year: 2012

Detailed Description

This project involved the engineering, manufacture, and supply of solar/windhybrid power systems for powering commercial and residential buildings 24/7. The systems used Fortune CP polycrystalline solar panels (each 180W), batteries, charge controllers, inverters and other accessories. All systems were designed by Fortune CP engineers in United Kingdom.

Scope of work:

  • Engineering – System Design
  • Manufacture and Delivery
  • Supervision – Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Fortune CP has vast experience in implementing EPC solar projects in Europeand worldwide. These include grid-tie solar farms, rooftop systems, and energy storage or off-grid systems (for CCTV, traffic signals, holiday homes, solar water heating). All system designs and material quality adhere to strict to international standards such as IEC, ISO, UL.

If you would like us to implement a project in Europe, please contact our sales team

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