As one of the leading renewable energy companies in the world, Fortune CP provides innovative power solutions in United Arab Emirates. We design, manufacture, supply and install off-grid and grid-tie solar systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. We design systems to international standards such as IEC in order to meet the stringent requirements of some of our customers like oil companies.

The benefits of Fortune CP products include energy independence, reduction in electricity bills and operating expenditure, carbon emission reduction to protect the environment, electricity availability 24/7 and a great return on investment.

  • Solar systems for Dubai Municipality
  • Solar systems for Al Watania Poultry
  • Solar systems for KOC

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Our solar systems are used by prominent companies and organisations such as Government (various ministries), Banks, Oil companies, Factories, Telecom companies, Hotels and others. The systems are used for electricity generation in residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial plants, desert electrification, solar schools and hospitals, farms and more.


We work with a number of partners with regards to the distribution of our environmentally-friendly products, installation and maintenance in United Arab Emirates. If you would like to become one of our distributors, or you simply want to cooperate with us on a project, feel free to contact