Corporate Social Responsibility

Fortune CP believes in giving back to the community. We donate to communities, get involved in sports development, above all we focus on sustainable economic development. If you have a project proposal, and need assistance, please contact us. Email: info@fortunecp.comWe are proud to be associated with a number of community development projects. One of the projects we are involved in at Lobi, Dedza, Malawi in Africa is a solar powered irrigation project (Lobi Veg.) for local farmers to grow fruits and vegetables. Currently this project is improving local farmers’ income, in addition to providing off-grid electricity to teachers, the police, clinics, and small businesses. Deforestation is also a major problem in that community. So far we have financed and project managed the replanting of over 300,000 trees. These trees help in reversing effects of climate change and provide sustainable income (construction materials) to the community.

Our company also sponsors football teams in Malawi (Lobi) and Mozambique (Angonia District, Tete Province).