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Company Overview

Harnessing the sun, powering a brighter future


Fortune CP Ltd is a leading- Renewable Energy company dealing with the design (research and development), manufacture, supply and installation of high quality and innovative solar products and systems for commercial, industrial and domestic customers. The company also carries out large EPC projects on a turn-key basis.

The company’s Headquarters is in United Kingdom, and has offices and distributors in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia, making it convenient for customers to access goods and support. Since 2004 Fortune CP has supplied, installed and commissioned systems on some prestigious projects world-wide for world-class organisations viz:- banks, oil companies, governments, telecom companies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and many more.

  • Research and Development. Design of innovative products and systems using cutting-edge technology.
  • Production. Fortune CP ensures high quality manufacturing and assembly. All products meet international standards such as IEC and others.
  • Sales and Distribution. Through offices and distributors world-wide. Expertise, knowledge, service.
  • Turnkey ProjectsDesign, supply, installation, project management, maintenance, training, financing.

Fortune CP’s products and systems include solar panels, complete solar systems, hybrid systems, solar water heaters and many more.

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