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Solar Hybrid Systems

SolarHybrid Systems for BTS sites

Solar Hybrid Systems

Fortune CP designs, manufactures, supplies and installs innovative and highly efficient hybrid power systems. These systems provide a competitive alternative to pure diesel systems that are increasingly under cost pressures due to fuel costs, frequent servicing requirements and problems associated with CO2 emissions.

In a hybrid power system, a number of electricity production and storage elements are combined to meet the energy demand of a facility such as a Telecom BTS Station, military installation, village, mine and many more. In addition to Solar PV panels, diesel generators, wind generators, small hydro plants, and other sources of electrical energy can be added as needed to meet the energy demand in a way that fits in with the local geography and other specifics. The systems can also be fitted with remote monitoring and control features.

Telecommunication applications include remote BTS stations, VSat stations, microwave, rural payphones, fiber optic repeaters, local exchanges and others.

System sizes range from 1.7KWp to 50KWp depending on site power consumption. The systems are designed to provide power 24/7 with solar panel lifetime of 25 years.


  • Power availability 24/7. No loss of power on a site means NO loss of revenue.
  • Low operational expenditure. No diesel is used (except in emergency only), minimal site visits
  • Good return on investment
  • Low maintenance costs—no moving parts
  • Environmentally friendly technology supported by GSM Association

“The GSMA Green Power for Mobile programme was launched in September 2008 to advance the use of renewable energy sources by the mobile industry to power new and existing off-grid base stations in developing countries. Achieving this target will save US$ billions on diesel expenditure, cut annual carbon emissions  – millions of tones…”There are about 640,000 off-grid sites globally, primarily powered by diesel generators.

Fortune CP works with a lot of mobile phone companies world-wide in deploying solar hybrid systems. These include Vodacom (Vodafone), China Mobile, MTN, Zain and others.

1.7KW – 13KW hybrid systems –   Hybrid – Telecom System sizes 1.7KW to 13KW

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